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Day 9: Andermatt, Vaduz, Sulz-Röthis and Leutkirch

The Swiss Alps this morning (view from Sattel)

The roads were dry for coming down from Andermatt this morning, but teams Twike took the snowed in Oberalpass successfully. In fear of snow on this route (because we all have summer tires) this morning’s route got diverted to a longer stretch, which pushed the limits of some team’s range.

I needed a quick charge, and some students kept me company at Wallensee

It seems our luck with the weather has run out, as today was another cold and wet day. Late morning, the WAVE was welcomed in Vaduz by Lichtenstein Kraftwerk and the teams got recharge power in front of Parliament building, as well as a tour inside. In Vaduz, a local jury assessed which vehicle had the nicest and most practical interior design. Today’s competition winner was Team Ökozentrum with their SMILE.

Lichtenstein (Vaduz Castle)

In the rain in Vaduz, Lichtenstein

Lunch in Vaduz

Today, Paul Schweizer, our scout vehicle man broke down with his Horlacher as his electric system blew up. Since his vehicle has 240 000 km in it, and was made some 20 years ago, this is something that one could expect. But what is unexpected is the speed at which Paul succeeded in repairing things, given that only 6 or 8 copies exist of this car worldwide! Coincidentally, Paul broke down somewhere our roadside assistance team could reach him, and just 10 km from a friend that also happens to have the same vehicle. Solution? They unscrewed the broken part and put that into Paul’s and pronto, our scout vehicle showed up in Vaduz as planned. 

Paul and his wife Margarithe after getting the repair

The WAVE also passed through the Sulz-Röthis Hauptschule in Austria, where each team had one minute to present their vehicle to the students who judged how much they liked it. We are doing an online survey with schools along the WAVE route to see which vehicle school children prefer. The teams got a very warm welcome of course, and the event was fun for everyone! The teams were escorted to the school by the local police.

Tremola getting assessed by school children at the Hauptschule Sulz-Röthis in Austria

School children judge the WAVE vehicles at Hauptschule Sulz-Röthis in Austria

Tonight, the WAVE had a very warm welcome in the township of Leutkirch in Allgäu, the home of team 12, Nachhaltige Stadt Leutkirch! On the streets hearts with the name of each team was displayed, and 100s of locals showed up for the WAVE Event, which included local music played by authentic Southern German Lederhose men, and Louis gaving a speech amongst other festivities involving eating and drinking local specialities.

Leutkirch im Allgäu welcomes each WAVE team with a heart

WAVE teams were escorted by bikers in Leutkirch into town (photo by Deepak, team 14)

WAVE event in Leutkirch (photo by Deepak, Team 14)

Welcome committe for Louis....including three local queens...cheese, wine and bretzel (photo by Deepak, Team 14)

Local musicians in Leutkirch

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Blog written by  Julianna Priskin. 


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