Day 15: Prague

The last day of the WAVE was just magic, and the teams arrived in Prague in bright sunshine with crowds of tourists standing by.  In Prague, the WAVE was welcomed by the vice Mayor, and members of the Czech Electric Vehicle Association.  Amazingly, the vehicles were displayed right in the midle of the old town square in the heart of the city.  Here, we also accounced the results of the school popularity survey results, and the winner was the SMILE, Team Ökozentrum’s car. Much to everyone’s surprise, the team received a really good and really cute electric schooter as an award! After a press conference, Paul Schweizer also announced Team Twike 4 as the overall WAVE winner! The full competition results for the 19 categories can be viewed here. And so, the WAVE came to end with an amazing banquette provided by our hosts at the Prague Mayor’s beautiful residence (definitely suitable for royalty). 

The WAVE comes to a successful end in the heart of old Prague (Photo by Jost Kneel)

WAVE teams in Prague ...together for a last goup picture

In the haste of packing up in Prague, I managed to loose my camera’s SD card somewhere 😦  Let’s hope I recover it somewhere once I get home. If not, I have no photos of Prague 😦

For more photos of the teams, become a friend of the WAVE on Facebook and follow our adventures! Otherwise, click on the website of each team on this website.

Blog written by  Julianna Priskin. 


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