Day 14: Brno and Ilhava

Today, another sunny day, was nice for driving around the Czech Republic. In Brno, the WAVE was officially welcomed by the city mayor, and representatives of the Brno Technical University. Jan Vejbor, E-mobility Project Manager at TILI helped ensure the  WAVE ran smoothly, and even translated the teams’ introduction of the vehicles to the public. Meanwhile, the cars got charging from proper EV charging stations especially set up for the WAVE. In Brno, we also tested which WAVE vehicles had the fastest acceleration along a short distance (60 m), and the winner was Zerotracer.

Louis and Jan

REVA in Brno

Lunch in Brno

lining up for the acceleration test

Tremola in the middle of the acceleration test

Paul and Company measuring acceleration

Late afternoon in the town of Jihlava, the WAVE was welcomed by the city mayor and the vehicles were once again displayed to the public for a couple of hours. Tonight was the last evening together, so each of us shared something with the group about our personal experiences during the WAVE.  It was evident that everyone had a lot of fun, although at this point a brake and some extra sleep would be much appreciated!

WAVE in Jihlava

Roger (Team Faraday) in Jihlava

WAVE in Jihlava

Barbara (Team Twike 3) and Mötte (Team Stapel) relaxing at the end of the day in Jihlava

Matthias (Team Euro-Flyer) and Wolfgang and Jutha (Team Twike 4)

For more photos of the teams, become a friend of the WAVE on Facebook and follow our adventures! Otherwise, click on the website of each team on this website.

Blog written by  Julianna Priskin. 


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