Day 13: Vienna

Today was the easiest day, as we only drove 85 km in total! In Vienna, the deputy mayor of the city welcomed the WAVE officially, and the vehicles were on display for the morning in front of parliament building! Here, the judging panel also assessed the vehicles’s exterior design, and Zerotracer was the winner. In the afternoon, our cars got charged in a city car park, fully equipped with electric vehicle charging stations, so it was very easy and practical. As for the teams, Vienna was a time for free activities, and most of us went to the Prater (a fun park in Vienna) to try as many rides as possible.

Our host, Georg Tonkli (Formel4) with Louis and Vienna Deputy City Mayor

Visitors from down sister Eva next to Frank, and dad and cousin Lea next to Tobi

WAVE teams in Vienna

Team Odenwald presents their vehicle to bystanders....we all did this in almost all the cities we visited

WAVE vehicles on display in Vienna

View of Vienna from Prater fun park

A fine ride for almost everyone

Eva, Lea and Jutha and other WAVE people in the background

Another fun ride almost everyone tried

Tobi and Barbara

Wolfang and Jutha (Mark and Tamara in background)

For more photos of the teams, become a friend of the WAVE on Facebook and follow our adventures! Otherwise, click on the website of each team on this website.

Blog written by  Julianna Priskin. 


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