We spent the morning relaxing and splashing around at Therme Erding the biggest geothermal bath in the world! Then we displayed our vehicles in Erding for a couple of hours, where we mingled with locals a little and enjoyed some nice local food thanks to our hosts!

Erding Thermal Baths

Team Odenwald

Cool or Ugly? Team Green Motor Sport and Team m-way

Enjoying Erding

showing th vehicles in Erding

Louis showing the Reva in Erding

This afternoon, the company Schletter welcomed the WAVE teams, with many people and nice programme (and whole lot more great local food for us to enjoy). I think we had three lunches today! Schletter is a company that manufactures solar mounting systems, and so we got recharged naturally with solar power today. At Schletter, the judging jury evaluated which vehicle had the best charging system, and Gordon Foat of Team Green Motor Sports won this competition with his Nissan Leaf. Fully charged, the evening drive to Passau was just easy, and nice, and it was also the shortest for the WAVE, so we had enough time tonight for another convivial dinner to share the day’s highlights.

ligning up at the entrance to Schletter

WAVE Event at Schletter

Lunch number 2 at Schletter

Matthias (Team Euro-Flyer) with his new bike for continuing the WAVE


Stuffing the support bus....camera crew Nils and Hendrik (because we had to get to and from our hotel and charging place by car)

For more photos of the teams, become a friend of the WAVE on Facebook and follow our adventures! Otherwise, click on the website of each team on this website.

Blog written by  Julianna Priskin. 


Comments on: "Day 11: Erding, Kirchdorf/Haag and Salzburg" (1)

  1. Hi Julika,

    The green sunglasses cool.
    It is green,
    It is big
    It is different and
    It fits You well in the wave competition!

    I enjoying your every day blog. It is great fun to see and read your blog.
    Proud of you,

    julianna szodorai

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