This morning, the teams visited a secondary school in Leutkirch, where about 2000 kids ran around our cars in the middle of the schoolyard with a lot of excitement to see which one they liked better! We will announce the results in Prague, as this is a school survey that we repeat en route until the end of the WAVE. 

At the school in Leutkirch...we were completely surrounded

Klaus (Team Odenwald)

ins and outs of an electric bike by Matthias (Team Euro-Flyer)

En route somewhere in sothern Germany. It's a solar world! So many houses and buidlings, in so many places have solar modules on the roof.

The rest of the morning the teams had a nice time in Kempten, welcomed by various city representatives, including the mayor. Here, the teams were tested to see who could do the smallest circle with their vehicle. The winner was the amazing Tremola!

WAVE Event in Kempten

Teams paying attention to something

One of the WAVE hosts, Mr Ludwig Karg

Late afternoon, we visited another school visit in Bobbingen, where children greeted us once again with special posters, flags and a lot of smiles and cheering!

Mr Bath, Principal of the Bobbingen school welcomes the WAVE with 100s of pupils

Team 1997 members Robert and Vivian at the school in Bobbingen

The rest of the day we spent almost basking in the sun in the heart of Augsburg, as today the weather turned warm again (especially compared to our icy Swiss Alpine experience). In Augsburg we also did a couple of competitions, including who was better at reverse parking to test ease of vehicle handling. The target was a pink rectangle, while a jury timed it from a start point. All this was done accompanied by spectators off the streets, which made reverse parking all the more exciting than usual. The results were interesting (J), and once again Wolfgang got the award has he managed to park his Twike in less than 9 seconds, while Gordon was the slowest with his Nissan Leaf at something over 31 seconds. In the haste of this all, as Mario attempted the competition with the SMILE, he managed to ram directly into Sven’s car, but luckily for both, the damage was minor.

Louis Palmer in Augsburg with our hosts and judging jury for the competitions

Spectators to our parking competition

Twike 4 at the start line

SMILE's Audi encounter

Reva parked inside the pink rectangle

In Augsburg, our hosts also judged who had the nicest paint job on their vehicle. This was tough, as several of the cars have been especially painted and decorated for the WAVE. Gordon’s Nissan Leaf (Team Green Motor Sports) won this contest, with his amazing compost patterned car.  Late afternoon, the teams had a nice guided walking tour in the old town of Augburg, followed by a jovial evening in an old vaulted restaurant underneath City Hall accompanied by our hosts, including representatives of the City, the Handwerkskammer für Schwaben and Stadtwerke Augsburg.

Rathaus in Augsburg...a very noble building, and the restaurant was in its vaulted basement. Some of the doors were so huge (can't tell from this photo), I had to use my entire weight to push it open. It felt like this building was made for giants and I was only an imp.

I might add that I am probably the least popular on the roads these days for (a) driving at snail pace to conserve energy, and (b) for my bright my lights. My THINK has such bright lights, people think I am constantly driving with a high-beam. I never felt so bad on the road. I also got told off by the police for my slow speed on the Autobahn the other night 😦

For more photos of the teams, become a friend of the WAVE on Facebook and follow our adventures! Otherwise, click on the website of each team on this website.

Blog written by  Julianna Priskin. 


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