The 2011 Europe Edition of the World Advanced Vehicle Expedition (WAVE) was successfully completed. The expedition covered a distance totalling 3000 km between Paris and Prague during 15 days and involved about 30 public events organised in cooperation with localities and numerous companies en route. In total, 24 electric vehicles took part in the expedition between 11 to 25 September 2011, representing 64 people from Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, India, Norway, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates and the USA. This webpage documents the daily adventures of the participants.


Day 15: Prague

The last day of the WAVE was just magic, and the teams arrived in Prague in bright sunshine with crowds of tourists standing by.  In Prague, the WAVE was welcomed by the vice Mayor, and members of the Czech Electric Vehicle Association.  Amazingly, the vehicles were displayed right in the midle of the old town square in the heart of the city.  Here, we also accounced the results of the school popularity survey results, and the winner was the SMILE, Team Ökozentrum’s car. Much to everyone’s surprise, the team received a really good and really cute electric schooter as an award! After a press conference, Paul Schweizer also announced Team Twike 4 as the overall WAVE winner! The full competition results for the 19 categories can be viewed here. And so, the WAVE came to end with an amazing banquette provided by our hosts at the Prague Mayor’s beautiful residence (definitely suitable for royalty). 

The WAVE comes to a successful end in the heart of old Prague (Photo by Jost Kneel)

WAVE teams in Prague ...together for a last goup picture

In the haste of packing up in Prague, I managed to loose my camera’s SD card somewhere 😦  Let’s hope I recover it somewhere once I get home. If not, I have no photos of Prague 😦

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Blog written by  Julianna Priskin. 

Day 14: Brno and Ilhava

Today, another sunny day, was nice for driving around the Czech Republic. In Brno, the WAVE was officially welcomed by the city mayor, and representatives of the Brno Technical University. Jan Vejbor, E-mobility Project Manager at TILI helped ensure the  WAVE ran smoothly, and even translated the teams’ introduction of the vehicles to the public. Meanwhile, the cars got charging from proper EV charging stations especially set up for the WAVE. In Brno, we also tested which WAVE vehicles had the fastest acceleration along a short distance (60 m), and the winner was Zerotracer.

Louis and Jan

REVA in Brno

Lunch in Brno

lining up for the acceleration test

Tremola in the middle of the acceleration test

Paul and Company measuring acceleration

Late afternoon in the town of Jihlava, the WAVE was welcomed by the city mayor and the vehicles were once again displayed to the public for a couple of hours. Tonight was the last evening together, so each of us shared something with the group about our personal experiences during the WAVE.  It was evident that everyone had a lot of fun, although at this point a brake and some extra sleep would be much appreciated!

WAVE in Jihlava

Roger (Team Faraday) in Jihlava

WAVE in Jihlava

Barbara (Team Twike 3) and Mötte (Team Stapel) relaxing at the end of the day in Jihlava

Matthias (Team Euro-Flyer) and Wolfgang and Jutha (Team Twike 4)

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Blog written by  Julianna Priskin. 

Day 13: Vienna

Today was the easiest day, as we only drove 85 km in total! In Vienna, the deputy mayor of the city welcomed the WAVE officially, and the vehicles were on display for the morning in front of parliament building! Here, the judging panel also assessed the vehicles’s exterior design, and Zerotracer was the winner. In the afternoon, our cars got charged in a city car park, fully equipped with electric vehicle charging stations, so it was very easy and practical. As for the teams, Vienna was a time for free activities, and most of us went to the Prater (a fun park in Vienna) to try as many rides as possible.

Our host, Georg Tonkli (Formel4) with Louis and Vienna Deputy City Mayor

Visitors from down sister Eva next to Frank, and dad and cousin Lea next to Tobi

WAVE teams in Vienna

Team Odenwald presents their vehicle to bystanders....we all did this in almost all the cities we visited

WAVE vehicles on display in Vienna

View of Vienna from Prater fun park

A fine ride for almost everyone

Eva, Lea and Jutha and other WAVE people in the background

Another fun ride almost everyone tried

Tobi and Barbara

Wolfang and Jutha (Mark and Tamara in background)

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Blog written by  Julianna Priskin. 

Day 12: Passau to St. Pölten

We had a special challenge today! The task was to drive from Passau along the Danube, and arrive by 15:40 PM in St. Pölten exactly. Although this was literally a sightseeing cruise parallel to the Danube, the second part of the challenge was of a different and equally interesting nature! The aim was to take a photo of ourselves with our vehicle and with as many people in the picture as possible. All the teams did pretty well, but I accomplished this mission the best by having 108 students and teachers from Mauthause Hauptschule stand next to my THINK.

Team m-way at Mauthausen Hauptschule, Austria

Danube River somewhere in Upper Austria

Danube near Melk, Lower Austria

Almost all the WAVE teams in St. Pölten

In the afternoon, the WAVE received another warm welcome in the township of St.Pölten, the home of Team Lux Ranftl. Our hosts, representatives of the Landesrat für Umwelt, Landwirtschaft und Energie and Energie Versorgung Niederösterreich (EVN) also helped judge which team had the lightest vehicle, therefore the fastest ability to push the vehicle along a short stretch. Clearly our e-bike teams excelled, and our birthday boy for the day, Martin Stapel won this contest.

our hosts in St. Pölten presents Louis Palmer with a certificate to prove that we tanked with renewable energy here

Tobi and Frank pushing Zerotracer (some 650 kg or so plus luggage)

Martin Stapel, fastest at pushing his e-bike weighing around 20 kg

Our local St.Pölten Team Lux-Ranftl

We had an absolutely fantastic evening visiting the Zwentendorf Nuclear Power Plant, where our host Gerald Rückner from EVN guided us through this amazingly complex and historic place. This nuclear plant is also the world’s safest, as despite it being fully complete in 1978, it was never turned on due to a vote against it by referendum. In fact, the plant serves as a museum and training ground, and has solar modules on its roof! We were allowed to push all kinds of buttons and quite frankly, everyone looked as it they were 5 years old 🙂

Till (Team Euro-Flyer) happy to be visiting this control room in the nuclear power plant!

Jaromir (Team TILI) also very amused by the buttons 🙂

Christian (Team Nachhaltige Stadt Leutkirch) making an emergency call!

All so happy to be on this tour in this nuclear power plant

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Blog written by  Julianna Priskin. 

We spent the morning relaxing and splashing around at Therme Erding the biggest geothermal bath in the world! Then we displayed our vehicles in Erding for a couple of hours, where we mingled with locals a little and enjoyed some nice local food thanks to our hosts!

Erding Thermal Baths

Team Odenwald

Cool or Ugly? Team Green Motor Sport and Team m-way

Enjoying Erding

showing th vehicles in Erding

Louis showing the Reva in Erding

This afternoon, the company Schletter welcomed the WAVE teams, with many people and nice programme (and whole lot more great local food for us to enjoy). I think we had three lunches today! Schletter is a company that manufactures solar mounting systems, and so we got recharged naturally with solar power today. At Schletter, the judging jury evaluated which vehicle had the best charging system, and Gordon Foat of Team Green Motor Sports won this competition with his Nissan Leaf. Fully charged, the evening drive to Passau was just easy, and nice, and it was also the shortest for the WAVE, so we had enough time tonight for another convivial dinner to share the day’s highlights.

ligning up at the entrance to Schletter

WAVE Event at Schletter

Lunch number 2 at Schletter

Matthias (Team Euro-Flyer) with his new bike for continuing the WAVE


Stuffing the support crew Nils and Hendrik (because we had to get to and from our hotel and charging place by car)

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Blog written by  Julianna Priskin. 

This morning, the teams visited a secondary school in Leutkirch, where about 2000 kids ran around our cars in the middle of the schoolyard with a lot of excitement to see which one they liked better! We will announce the results in Prague, as this is a school survey that we repeat en route until the end of the WAVE. 

At the school in Leutkirch...we were completely surrounded

Klaus (Team Odenwald)

ins and outs of an electric bike by Matthias (Team Euro-Flyer)

En route somewhere in sothern Germany. It's a solar world! So many houses and buidlings, in so many places have solar modules on the roof.

The rest of the morning the teams had a nice time in Kempten, welcomed by various city representatives, including the mayor. Here, the teams were tested to see who could do the smallest circle with their vehicle. The winner was the amazing Tremola!

WAVE Event in Kempten

Teams paying attention to something

One of the WAVE hosts, Mr Ludwig Karg

Late afternoon, we visited another school visit in Bobbingen, where children greeted us once again with special posters, flags and a lot of smiles and cheering!

Mr Bath, Principal of the Bobbingen school welcomes the WAVE with 100s of pupils

Team 1997 members Robert and Vivian at the school in Bobbingen

The rest of the day we spent almost basking in the sun in the heart of Augsburg, as today the weather turned warm again (especially compared to our icy Swiss Alpine experience). In Augsburg we also did a couple of competitions, including who was better at reverse parking to test ease of vehicle handling. The target was a pink rectangle, while a jury timed it from a start point. All this was done accompanied by spectators off the streets, which made reverse parking all the more exciting than usual. The results were interesting (J), and once again Wolfgang got the award has he managed to park his Twike in less than 9 seconds, while Gordon was the slowest with his Nissan Leaf at something over 31 seconds. In the haste of this all, as Mario attempted the competition with the SMILE, he managed to ram directly into Sven’s car, but luckily for both, the damage was minor.

Louis Palmer in Augsburg with our hosts and judging jury for the competitions

Spectators to our parking competition

Twike 4 at the start line

SMILE's Audi encounter

Reva parked inside the pink rectangle

In Augsburg, our hosts also judged who had the nicest paint job on their vehicle. This was tough, as several of the cars have been especially painted and decorated for the WAVE. Gordon’s Nissan Leaf (Team Green Motor Sports) won this contest, with his amazing compost patterned car.  Late afternoon, the teams had a nice guided walking tour in the old town of Augburg, followed by a jovial evening in an old vaulted restaurant underneath City Hall accompanied by our hosts, including representatives of the City, the Handwerkskammer für Schwaben and Stadtwerke Augsburg.

Rathaus in Augsburg...a very noble building, and the restaurant was in its vaulted basement. Some of the doors were so huge (can't tell from this photo), I had to use my entire weight to push it open. It felt like this building was made for giants and I was only an imp.

I might add that I am probably the least popular on the roads these days for (a) driving at snail pace to conserve energy, and (b) for my bright my lights. My THINK has such bright lights, people think I am constantly driving with a high-beam. I never felt so bad on the road. I also got told off by the police for my slow speed on the Autobahn the other night 😦

For more photos of the teams, become a friend of the WAVE on Facebook and follow our adventures! Otherwise, click on the website of each team on this website.

Blog written by  Julianna Priskin. 

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